Your Online Campus Grocery Solution

ZippMarket is an online store catering specifically to students living in campus. Students can order groceries online and will get it delivered to them at the door. Each University campus has a designated delivery date on which all orders are delivered. ZippMarket ensures delivery to each campus 3 times a week.

Browse Products
Products are shown on the website in four different categories related to eat, drink, clean and live. Clicking on the specific product provides full details on the product including nutritional and ingredient information. Each product can be entered by the site admin including product related details and pictures through the admin portal. Minimum order quantity levels can also be setup for each product along with availability of a particular product in a certain campus.
Check Out
ZippMarket checkout allows online buyers to add products along with their desired quantity to their basket while they are browsing through products. The basket allows online buyers to see all their orders in one view along with the ability to update the order if they desire so before checkout. At time of checkout, online buyers will simply enter their personal details, shipping details, payment details and process the order. Once the order is processed, automatic confirmation is sent by the system to verify order confirmation along with delivery date.
PayPalPro Integration
ZippMarket uses PayPalPro as the payment gateway to process orders using the PayPal API. Once an order request with specified price, contact details and payment details are sent over to PayPal, It then verifies and authenticates the information. Once authentication is complete, order is processed with a confirmation message sent over to ZippMarket and online buyer. This helps in making the online ordering experience seamless and fast.