Preservations Solution Plus
Online Property Management Solution

Default Logic - A proprietary solution developed for PSP helps with managing and maintaining rental and default properties. It provides access to full property details, comprehensive property reports including before and after images, along with ability to manage all maintenance related to a property. The solution also has an extensive access control system which allows role based access to property and property related tasks.

Individual Property Management
In Default Logic, we have developed a property management tool that allows users to easily view and edit details for an individual property. Some features of the property management tool are as follows:
  • Before and After image library when work is done on a property at a specific date.
  • Inventory report at time of possession
  • Displays all related property documents
  • Displays all service work orders, the assigned contractor/subcontractor and the status associated to the property.
  • Ability to export work orders into PDF
Scheduled Multiple Maintenance
Scheduled Multiple Maintenance is a feature that allows multiple properties to be assigned maintenance services at the same time. You can specify service type, contractor assignment, due dates for several properties within a matter of a single mouse click making it easier and faster to manage multiple properties at the same time.
Global Service Calendar
Global Service Calendar allows to view services scheduled against properties in calendar format which can be set to view daily, monthly or weekly. Users can also shift service dates using drag and drop which automatically updates the individual property forms in real time making it easy to manage service calendar. Any update done is then sent to respective contractor and customer using e-mail.