Ops Center
A social networking site for Airsoft players

Ops Center is a social network to connect Airsoft players. You can create your own detailed profile, connect with other players, join teams, set different fields to play in, organize events and invite other players. You can also share your pictures, videos, location and other updates with your network.

Import Gmail, Yahoo and other email contacts
This feature allows users to import their Gmail, Yahoo and other email contacts to Ops Center. For Gmail and Yahoo, users need to sign in using their respective login credentials and all their contacts are listed on the page. It is important to note that those of your contacts that are already on Ops Center will have their profile links and thumbnail images show up under the "People You Might Know" section. You can add them using the "Add Friend" button next to the profile links. As for the rest of your contacts that need to be imported, you can start off by giving the contact list a name. The email addresses of your contacts along with their first and last names will be displayed in a list (this list is imported using the Google API for Gmail contacts and Yahoo API for the Yahoo contacts). The list will have checkboxes to the left side, so you can select the contacts you would like to import to that specific contact list. Clicking on the "Import" button will create a new list with your chosen contacts in it. You can create a similar list for your other email contacts (besides Gmail and Yahoo), in which case you will need to manually enter their email addresses to have them imported. The newly created list will be saved on Ops Center for later use. This way you can create multiple contact lists which you can use later on for inviting your contacts to events and teams on Ops Center.
Invite Manager - Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and others
This feature allows users to invite their Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and other contacts to events and teams on Ops Center. This feature is only available to event hosts, team leaders and second-in-command members. The Invite Manager displays all your contact lists along with their names, number of selected/unselected contacts and a search box. To select an entire contact list, you can click on the checkbox next to the contact list name. For selecting particular contacts from a contact list, you can click on the checkboxes next to those contacts. Once you have selected all the contacts to invite, you can click on the "send" button at the bottom. As a result, invitations will be sent out to all these contacts and they will be able to join Ops Center once they confirm (by clicking on the invitation link sent to them). As for the Facebook invitations, they are posted on the friend's wall such that it is visible to all their friends via the news feed.
Create Fields
This feature allows Ops Center users to add fields to Ops Center so they can be used for events. You can give this field a name and specify its exact geographical location on a map using Google Places API. You can also add a description along with photographs of the field. You are provided with a list of probable field condition and features, so you can select the ones that apply or describe them in your own words. Contact information can be added along with special instructions for the field as well as any criteria regarding its seasonal availability.
YouTube Video Manager
Using the YouTube Video Manager, you can manage all your YouTube videos in one place. The YouTube Video Manager is available to event hosts while creating or editing an event. This feature uses the YouTube API and comes with the following modules:
  • YouTube Search
  • Allows you to search for all the videos matching the keyword entered in the search box. The video search results are displayed in the form of an ongoing list of videos (more videos are populated as you scroll down) along with their description, upload date and view count. You can also preview a video when you selected. There is an "add video" button next to each video so you can add them to your list of videos. This way you can add multiple videos to your list.
  • Your YouTube Videos
  • This section will require you to enter your YouTube login credentials. Once you have logged in, you can view and manage all your YouTube videos.
  • Your YouTube Favorites
  • After entering your YouTube credentials, you will be able to view and manage all your YouTube videos that you have favorited.
  • Enter Video URL
  • This section allows you to paste a YouTube or Vimeo URL. Once you click on "save", this video will be added to your list of videos.
  • Manage Videos
  • The Manage Videos section contains a grid list of all your selected videos. You can delete any video from here (it is also important to note that these videos are not associated with your YouTube account in any way).
Manage Teams
This feature enables the overall management of teams on Ops Center. The user who creates a team is the team leader and has full rights to make changes on the team page. A team leader can promote any team member to the rank of second-in-command. This user will also have administrative privileges on the team page. There are five sections on the team page which are as follows:
  • Home
  • This is the main section for all team members to collaborate. It consists of a wall where team members can share posts, pictures, videos (from YouTube or Vimeo) and other links.
  • Description
  • This section allows a team leader or second-in-command to put down a description regarding the team for all others to see.
  • Members
  • You can view three different lists in this section.
    • Team Members
    • First is a list of all the team members. You can see their names, addresses and joining dates next to their profile pictures. Team leaders can see a "make admin" button (or "remove admin" button - if he is already the admin) next to these profiles, which allows them to give the rank of second-in-command to any member.
    • Request to join
    • This is a list of all the players who have requested to join the team. A team leader or second-in-command can accept or ignore this request. Once a player is accepted into the team, their profile will show up in the team members list.
    • Suggested Members
    • This section suggests more team members to add to the team. Depending on who has the team page open (the team leader or the second-in-command), the suggested members section will show their friends who are not yet part of the team.
  • Photos
  • This section is the photo gallery for the team page and consists of the Image Manager. The Image Manager makes uploading photos easy and quick. You can select all the photos in one go, and click on the upload button to upload all photos to the photo gallery. You can also delete specific or all photos using the Image Manager.
  • Invite Members
  • This section consists of the Invite Manager. It allows you to invite contacts from Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and other email accounts to join your team on Ops Center. This section is only visible to the team leader and second-in-command.
Event Sides Manager
This feature empowers you as an event host to take control of the players participating in the event by organizing them into sides. Each side has a predetermined number of players that can participate, and while the number of players wanting to participate might exceed this number, it is upto the event host how they divide them to fit into the two sides. The event sides manager lets you drag-and-drop players into the two sides. Every time a side fills up to the max, the new joining player is placed in a waiting list for as long as the sides remain full. As soon as a slot becomes available, a player from this list is moved to take that place. You can invite more players to an event through Facebook or from the contact manager. These players are compiled in a separate section for new players for as long as they do not accept the invitation. Once they accept, they are moved to an event side or the waiting list.
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