Student Marking System
Examination marking workload made easy

OAR marking system is centralized system that allows examiners to save over 80% time during exam checking. The system takes a scantron sheet which is filled in by the students and then automatically imports that data through an interface by us and based on the examiner specified passing marks, relays the results to students. It also has a practical exam portion which is manually entered by examiner for comprehension based question. It then outputs and e-mails students the results along with the certificate download link if they passed.

Scantron Mark Upload
Our custom developed user interface allows examiners to easily import the multiple choice based scantron results to the database within minutes along with validating the results with correct answers and total marks earned. Examiners can also setup passing grades which would also allow them to see who have passed or failed in realtime.
Online Certificate System
Online Certificates are automatically populated based on the earned marks for both the practical and multiple choice sections. Certificates and related e-mails are only sent to users who have passed whereas users who have failed are not given the link to download the certificates and advised to try the examination again. Student Name and Date of Issuance varies for each student based on their user profile.
Practical Exam Portion
Once a student passes the multiple choice part, he can then submit the practical portion of the exam which is manually checked and marks entered in the system by the examiner. Examiner can choose from different variations of exam type and input marks and comments for each individual student.