My Communite
A social network where neighbours unite online

MyCommunite is a social networking website for people to interact inside their defined neighbourhoods - for home, cottage, work, or when on vacation, each ranging up to 10 km. When you log into that neighbourhood it's like physically visiting the neighborhood and you will only see your neighbours, businesses, classifieds, events and localized weather from that neighbourhood.

Facebook Connect
Facebook Connect helps make the user registration process quick and easy by using Facebook API. This means:
  • You do not need to fill up long registration forms to gain access to the site for the first time
  • No need to remember the username and password to gain access to MyCommunite
  • Gain access to the website automatically while using Facebook
Custom Wall
In MyCommunite, the custom wall allows neighbors to socialize with each other within a 10 km range, and have one-on-one conversations between them. It allows you to:
  • Create posts along with links with the people who are part of your neighbourhood, and reply with comments.
  • Delete your wall posts or comments, or hide any neighbour's post on your wall. You can also report it as abuse if you deem it necessary.
Neighbourhood Managementl
MyCommunite utlizes the Google Maps API to create neighborhoods based on entered postal/zip code. Each neighborhood can be setup to a maximum of 10 km radius. Each individual can setup multiple neighborhoods and receive localized information regarding:
  • Neighbour locations
  • Classifieds
  • Places to shop along with local discount coupons
  • Events
  • Localized weather forecasts