Taking audio mixing to a whole new level

MixMyPart.com offers a brand new, online software solution for music teachers, students, choirs, music directors, publishers and more. With the MixMyPart.com audio mixer, singers and instrumentalists can work on their own time, between group rehearsals, to learn their individual parts and practice with complete control over each vocal and instrumental part. Instead of wasting valuable rehearsal time pounding notes and learning harmonies, ensembles will advance quickly past the learning stages and be ready to perform their repertoire much sooner.

Media Manager
Media Manager allows you to manage your media by providing actions like launch, link, edit, delete, change information including track titles, volume setting and taglines. You can activate or deactivate your media with a single click. Inactive media does stay in your library but is not accessible for public access. All the media in your library is password protected and system maintains statistics like number of hits. By copying the URL, you can share your media with anyone.
Media Creator
T With this interface, you can upload your MP3 audio files and input the necessary text information for song title, sub-title, extra info (multiple areas), track names and assign a password. When you set a password for the media, the visitors need to provide this password in order to access it. Master and global track volume settings are also available. Media creator also has the following controls:
  • Volume Control
    Control the volume of each track to clearly hear a part while learning. Then lower that part to practice against with all the other parts playing.
  • Pan Control
    Separate the parts spacially by panning tracks to the left or right to hear things from a different perspective rather than only using the volume control.
  • Solo and Mute buttons
    Mute any tracks to prevent them from being heard or solo any tracks to prevent all other tracks from being heard.
  • Marker and Loop points
    Place the marker point to quickly return there later or place the loop point so the section between the two points will loop, making it easy to practice a passage repeatedly.
Plan Assignment
Plan Assignment controls the number of media files assigned to a plan through a drag and drop interface. In this way, you can shuffle your media among active and inactive plans. Once you are satisfied with a plan assignment, you can save it permanently in your library.