King and Queen Photo
Online Photo Album Creator

King and Queen photo album is an online solution that allows users to create photo albums instantly. Users can create a custom photo album by defining the desired finishes, color, size, and layout. Users can also see how the photo album would look like as they are creating it in realtime. Once they have satisfied with the photo album, they can place orders via a secure online payment system.

Album Creator
Album creator is a step wise process through which users can create a photo album online. As part of the first step, user chooses the finishes from either of crystal, leather and metal. As part of second step, user chooses the cover colours from the available options. As part of third step, user chooses the album size from the available options. As part of fourth step, user chooses the layout from either of reportage and panorama. Lastly, they chooses the paper style and number of pages before proceeding with the order creation process.
Photo Mass Uploader
Photo mass uploader is an online tool where users can select multiple photos from a folder and begin uploading the photos to the uploader. As the photos are being uploaded, the ones which are uploaded are shown in an another panel on the right area where user can rearrange the photos in any combination he desires so. Users can also delete multiple photos by simply selecting the photos they want deleted at once. Once all photos are uploaded and user has completed the arrangement of photos, admin can download them from the backend where they are available in a zip format.
CMS & Album Customizer
CMS allows admin to customize all portion of the website ranging from site content to introduction video. These changes can be done without any technical knowledge requirement and changes made are reflected in real-time. Admin can also view orders placed and order details. Admin can also customize the option for album creator by adding more options which would automatically show in the respective step wise album creator options such as adding more sizes, more color options, or more hard cover options.