High Quality QR Codes for your Marketing Campaigns

Justcodeit is a website for creating QR codes and sharing them with the world. These QR codes contain information like website links, YouTube video links, Google map locations, contact details (vcard), events (vcalendar), email addresses etc. You can check the popularity of any given QR code by viewing the analytics. There you can view the number of scans, their graphical interpretation, the subscriber's device, IP address and physical location information. There are different packages available for users to create and analyze a specific number of QR codes.

Generating QR Codes
This feature allows you to create different types of QR codes and save them to the respective campaign folders. These QR codes can be created using website links, YouTube videos, plain text, phone numbers, email or sms text, email addresses, contact details (vcard), event details (vcalendar), wifi login credentials (for Android only) and links to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, iTunes and PayPal Buy Now. You can also change the color from the available colour palette. You may download the QR code file in the available png, gif or jpg format, or even share it with your friends through Facebook.
Tracking & Analytics
Using this feature you can do a comprehensive analysis on the popularity of your campaign for any given QR code. You can view a graph showing the number of scans done on a QR code for the current day, week, month or the running year. You can also view a list of the scans with date/time, device, IP address, city and country of the user who scanned the QR code. This list can be sorted according to the date, device and location of scan. All this information can be exported to your system in the form of an excel sheet. Also, using the subscriber's IP address a map displays the multiple locations scanning the QR code.
Package Conversion
Any registered user can use this feature to upgrade or downgrade to a different package. Each package comes with a price, duration and a restricted number of QR codes. Certain packages allow modifying and checking the QR code analytics. If you have a promo code, you can use any given package for free for a limited time. This feature also allows for recurring billing of the current package users.