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HeYOOH!! is a website for creating, promoting, finding and buying deals in Canada. You can also buy a deal and present it as a gift to anybody. You can do this by emailing them a copy of the pdf voucher, or printing it and handing it over yourself. These deals can be about an activity, events, shopping, travelling and services etc. A deal is only valid as long as certain number of people sign up for it, otherwise it is cancelled and your money is not spent. This means that there are no upfront costs to participating in a deal. After creating a profile, you can view all your updates in a stream on your home page, manage your messages in an inbox, check the status of your deals and promotions or view your vouchers.

Browse Deals
This feature allows you to go through all the available deals. These deals are categorized into activities, beauty, events, food, health, pets, services, shopping, sports, travel and others. You can search for a deal using the quick search or advanced search option. Quick search gives you results for deals that are new, about to end, most popular or most approved by people. In advanced search, you can search by keyword, price, category, country, province/state or city. You can also see all the deals for different cities in Canada.
Create Custom Deals
Creating a deal consists of a few steps which take the deal from the draft mode to the live mode. All the information regarding the deal and the company offering it is added during draft mode. A deal can be fully edited while it is in draft mode, but after it goes live only certain sections can be edited. Creating a deal is divided into the following sections:
  • Basics
  • In basics you provide the details of the company offering the deal. You can add the company name, a picture or logo, a tagline for the deal, a category to post the deal in and the city in Canada for which the deal is being offered.

  • Details
  • In details you have the ending time for the deal, the address, media files (images or videos) and a description of the deal.

  • Deal Vouchers
  • This section allows you to provide the discount details. You can state the regular price of the deal, the number of deals it will take to unlock the voucher and the percentage discount offered. You can mention the total number of deals available or a limit on the number of deals a person can buy.

  • Promotions
  • Here you can mention the promotion fee in terms of percentage earning from a deal. This amount is paid to the person who promotes the deal.

  • Payment
  • This is where you input details on how you prefer to receive payment from your deal sales. You need to add your contact information and specify the payment methods.

  • Go Live
  • Go Live section is for making the deal available to public. After this point, you will not be able to change the deal vouchers, promotions or the end date for the deal.

Deal Analytics
The Deal Analytics page provides an overview of the live deals. It shows the duration of the deal, its location and company name. There are three sections here:-
  • Status
  • The status of a deal tells you whether the deal is in draft mode or live, the time left before the deal is off, pageviews for the deal page, number of deals sold and whether the deal is in locked state or not.

  • Total sales
  • Here you can see the total money made from the deal after deductions like commission and PayPal fee.

  • Members who bought the deal
  • This is a list of all the members who bought your deal along with links to their profiles and the option of viewing or printing the vouchers.

Embed Widget
An embed widget can be made from any deal on the website. All you have to do is copy and paste the provided code into your website, webpage or blog and a widget of the deal will be displayed with its relevant information.
Promote Deals
Every deal comes with a Bit.ly URL which shortens the length of the deal page URL by providing an intermediate link that is short but still redirects you to the same deal page. This URL can be found on the deal page under the video/image for the deal and can be used to promote the deal. Next to this URL is the percentage commission being offered for promoting the deal. You can share it with your family, friends and everyone you know. Whenever someone buys a deal using this URL, you earn a commission for promoting the deal. You can view all your promotions on the 'My Promotions' page where you will also find analytics for your promotions including the number of clicks (number of people who checked the deal using your short URL) and the number of deals sold.
Get Paid
This feature is used to check your earnings from promotions. It has a total of your paid, unpaid and requested earnings. You can add your contact information and payment method for receiving payments. You can only request for payment after you have earned $100 or more.
PDF Voucher with Barcode
A voucher is made available to a buying member after a deal is unlocked (a deal is unlocked after a specific number of people buy it). This voucher is in the form of a PDF file which can be viewed and printed. The printed copy has all the details regarding the deal along with the price that has been paid by the member. It also has a confirmation number and barcode. When you go to collect your deal, you can handover the printed copy so it can be scanned, checked for validity and added to their database.
Admin - Accounts Payable
This page lists all of the event promoters. You can use this page to monitor these promoters. Entering a search criteria into the filter field will help you find specific promoters and leaving it blank will show all the promoters on the website.