Builder Advertising and Marketing Portal

CALL BAM is an online application that allows builder advertising companies to easily manage different job work order types related to clients along with the ability to populate reports for management decision making. The application also allow companies to manage employee tasks and its status to help with evaluating employee performance.

Client Management
Client Management is a module inside CALL BAM that allows admin to add new clients, setup their contact details, logo and associate job work orders related to that client. The information entered can also be exported in an address book format if required and have the ability for sorting and export to pdf or excel.
Job Management
Job Management module inside CALL BAM allows users to create new custom jobs based on available job types and assign those jobs to a specific person in the company. Every occurences of work done on that particular job is tracked by applying the status stamp until the job is completed. Extensive data mining reports are available related to entered jobs as per the defined search criterias to help with management decision making.
Complex Forms
CALL BAM utilized some of the most complex forms using extensive AJAX as part of the job work order process. Every form have dynamic menus which are different for each job type and client profile. Each of those menus are fully programmable and maintained via the site admin login area. Upon completion of the form, it automatically writes it to a PDF which is saved on the server for later retrieval along with a copy sent to person responsible via e-mail as per defined job workflow hierarchy in the system.