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BMW is an HTML5 web application that showcases the new BMW Z4 Roadster. You can view various high-resolution snapshots of the car, watch the 360 degree view, read about the features and specifications, watch related videos, find retailers in your area and request a test drive. It allows you to build your own customized version of the Z4 Roadster using available paint colors, alloy rims and interior, and determine the change in pricing with these added parts. You can also compare the price for different versions of your customized cars.

Build Your Own Car
This feature allows you to select the basic version of the BMW Z4 Roadster and customize the exterior and interior, and calculate the price for these modifications. You can change the paint color and alloy rims for the exterior, and the color and material used in the interior. Each upgrade is reflected in the pricing section.
Car Compare
Car compare lets you put 4 different customized versions of the BMW Z4 Roadster and compare them. You can use the ones you customized or select from the available preset versions. They can be compared in terms of parts, upgrades and pricing.
Find A Retailer
This feature allows you to search for BMW retailers in a certain area using the Google Maps API. You can select a retailer from the provided list or find one close to your location. To see all the retailers around a specific location, you will need to provide a search radius and see the results on a map.
360° View
The 360 degree view allows you to rotate the BMW Z4 Roadster and examine it in greater detail. This view shows all possible angles and enables better feature visibility.